Balenciaga new sneaker is coming!

Nowadays, Balenciaga reports that new sneaker Tyrex series will be for sale in Jan. 2020 in selected stores and but with limited quantity. There are four colors for this series.

Tyrex series first came in the spring and summer show of Balenciaga 2020. Besides the traditional black and white color, there also comes yellow and green, red and black. They are very modern.

When mentioning Balenciaga, we have to say the Triple S, the daddy sneaker. This sneaker has classic outline, and its air pad is outside. There are embroidered letters of “BALENCIAGA” on two sides. At the same time, the embroidery also decorates the number of size in the shoe head. After the autumn winter show of Balenciaga 2017, the classic wind flows.

Besides Triple S, the sneaker Track.2, which was released in June2019, is popular among the fashion field. The shoe face of Track.2 has 176 parts, with a more complicated outline than the previous version.

The releasing Tyrex series sneaker gives both a technique and future senses, which generates the classic elements of Balenciaga. It also has the human body technology. The net on the shoe face are made by special materials, which appeal to the foot, providing a comfortable wearing feel.

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