Thanks to the APP, I avoid the fake yeezy

When Adidas Yeezy began to become popular, I was not interested at all. And I even felt courious: how did it become so popular? I didn’t think it looked that pretty. However, people can’t get rid of the “zhen xiang” law, I fell in love with this sneaker days ago. I thought its design was pretty good, and when you wear it, your legs will look slim. And I should buy one to have a try. At that time, Yeezy 350 was released limited in Asia. The first sight I saw the pink one, I decided to buy one but I didn’t get the approval to buy it.

Without the approval to buy one, I was looking for other ways to buy it. I found that Yeezy was really popular and there were so many fake ones in the market. Generally, the bigger size the sneaker, the lower price it is. The lowest price of the pink sneaker was size 48. And my size 37 cost about 4000RMB. I was afraid that I bought a fake one on the internet at the price of several thousand. Then I chose to order on the addition APP. After all, this APP checked the sneaker first and then deliver. Only the sneaker is approved then it can be delivered. This mode fits me well. I often use this APP to help me check the sneakers, clothes. It is more reliable than others, and it makes me feel at ease.

When wearing Yeezy, I have to say that it feels great! That’s why it is so popular. Besides, this sneaker makes the legs look slim and long. I regret I didn’t buy it earlier. I recommend you to buy Yeezy Boost 350 V2. The cost performance is good. Of course, don’t go to some illegal webs to buy the sneaker, where you can easily buy the fake ones. This App is the transit platform I trust, the fake ones won’t go through this APP as it has strict checking process. You can have a try.

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