Yeezy 700 is coming, what do you think of DUCK GREEN?

Although yeezy 700 is not that popular in the secondary market, it is even thought to be shut soon after its releasing, for those who really love it, it is a good choice anyway. If you want to get a completely new Yeezy Boost 700 before Nov.11th, then Duck Green would be a good choice.

The whole sneaker chooses a calm color which is suitable for autumn and winter. The surface uses uneven greys for matching, bring a special sense of layer. The details and the shoe head is decorated with special blue green, which is also how its name comes.

For its materials, the sneaker uses leather, Pk, chamois and other materials to match together, giving a strong feeling in visual and touching. It can also keep warm effectively in winter. The whole sneaker is very low-key, and matches the autumn and winter season well.

Compared to the previous hospital blue, this sneaker has stronger sense of layer and can match more, the wearing experience is also much better. It is worth mentioning that this sneaker has two pairs of ties—grey and brown. With different shoe tie, this sneaker has different style.

The brown color has appeared in the first released sneaker, which is considered as a classic element of Yeezy 700. If this sneaker is using the brown shoe tie, it has a great visual effect, low-key but shining. For the whole sneaker, it is really good in appearance, and it would be a great matching for autumn and winter.

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