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At FakeYeezys we believe in quality brands with eco-friendly philosophies, while bringing you a unique selection of shoes and sneakers.

Who are we?

Created in 2015, and based in China, our store FakeYeezys was built on the idea that “Good shoes & good life”.

We as a retailer of limited edition sneakers. We offer best fake Yeezys, Nike sneakers,  Air Jordan,  Balenciaga and Off White shoes.

As we grew, so did our passion for good brands, We have become curators of style and quality and therefore, for our collection, we select only the most exclusive and unique products from various brands. All this to make sure you can wear the newest, state-of-the-art, best replica products.

We believe that trading should not only work on sales but also carry a piece of responsibility for the planet. And that's why we try to focus on brands that have taken on a sustainable philosophy in their mission. We have preferred to favor transparent suppliers of products that are built within a fair-trade ideology.

Since the beginning of FakeYeezys, in addition to quality products we provide quality customer service. We make it possible to send a shipment within 1-3 day from order placement.